Beautiful, upbeat websites?
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Know any ungendered, artful, well designed, and relentlessly positive/upbeat websites?

I'm looking for some design inspiration in that direction.
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This might be obvious, but have you checked out NOTCOT?

I think that covers ungendered, artful and well-designed, and the content is all user-submitted so there's always something new.

Could you be more specific about what relentlessly positive means to you?
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Thanks for the link.

I don't have anything in terribly specific in mind. Similar to zefrank would be good, particularly if the aesthetic is strong. Or not similar at all would be good too. I'm designing a website that has a very light and upbeat tone, and I was hoping to immerse myself in similar websites for a while to see where people trying to do similar things get it right (and wrong).
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I'm not totally sure what "ungendered" means in this context so I don't know if I'm way off mark, but the writer Reif Larsen's website is quite lovely and makes me happy.
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Aesthetics of Joy is essential. Hope you don't mind my super-late reply, just browsing the AskMe archives!
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