Where can I have 40 people sit down for lunch in downtown San Francisco?
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What's a good, quiet place for lunch in downtown San Francisco near the Hilton Union Square? Needs to accommodate 35 to 40 people (divided into 5 or 6 groups if possible) who will be chatting over reasonably priced food (with a vegetarian option) for about 90 minutes starting at noon.

I'm tasked with finding a spot to do a working lunch for up to 40 people in San Francisco this fall, but I've never been to the city. There's an option inside the hotel, but I'm wondering if any SF area Mefites know of any nice, reasonably priced spots open for lunch within a block or two of the Union Square Hilton. Because it's going to be during a lunch break of a conference, it needs to be no more than 5 minutes away from the hotel.

I'd like some place that could comfortably take a reservation for up to 40 people, divided into 5 or 6 groups. Any kind of cuisine is ok, but we need a vegetarian option. What are your favourite spots in the area that could accommodate such a group?
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Honestly I'd probably just use the hotel option. 40 people is a tough number especially if you have commitments right before and after. Plus the hotel can help you by putting up signs, directing people, etc.
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I live just up the street from the hotel. There is a restaurant called Urban Tavern that is in the same building as the hotel. Is that the option you mentioned? I've never eaten there but it seems popular with convention people, and they have private dining spaces.
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Yeah, with those restrictions and that number of people, the only other place I can think of that might be worth checking into is the Grand Cafe two blocks away at Geary and Taylor. (It is also associated with a hotel -- the Klimpton Group's Monaco next door.)

It's a nice, big room and, although I haven't eaten there since the current Executive Chef Alicia Jenish took over the kitchen, I've certainly enjoyed her food at some of the other fine restaurants she's been with.
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