Armband recommendations for a iPod touch 3G?
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I would like to buy an armband to hold my 3rd generation iPod touch while jogging. I have tiny girl arms. Do you have a (preferably available on Amazon) recommendation?
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Best answer: I use my SPIbelt and iFitness belt. I've tried a zillion armbands, and none of them fit well, and ultimately chafed. The belts fit right on my hip, no movement at all.
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Will a headband do?

Halo Rhythm
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I have tiny girl arms, and I ended up safety-pinning my smallest armband into a smaller one. I don't recommend this. Those belts look awesome, though!
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Check out your local dollar store. They always seem to have ipod accessories.
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Best answer: Seconding SPIbelt as much more comfortable than an armband. I bought mine from Amazon after getting frustrated with an armband, and I run with it regularly. It stretches to fit whatever you put in it - I use mine with an iPhone 4S in an enormous Vers wooden case.
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I am using a really cheap waist belt that I got off Amazon for under $10 - I think it's this one. It works really well.
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Wrong link, this should be right.
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Response by poster: I ended up buying the SPIbelt. It's fantastic--magically expands to hold whatever I need, and I don't even notice it when it's on. Thanks, all!
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