What (possibly non-English) word describes deliberate, patient excellence?
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What word would I used to describe an attitude of deliberate, patient excellence as in a craft or vocation?

Some examples where this overarching attitude is revealed include the creation of Damascus steel, samurai swords, and Ferraris. Also, I see this sort of dedication in Thai fruit carving and sushi preparation. These are all things that come about as the result of deliberate practice, attention to form, and dedicated craftsmanship.

I thought there was an Italian word that describes this concept, but I'm flummoxed. Ideally, I'm looking for a single word (as opposed to, say, a phrase) to describe the mindset or overarching attitude and approach of those practitioners who dedicate their lives to making beautiful things with patience, dedication, and love.

Any ideas?
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Are you thinking of shuhari?
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Not exactly, but close: virtù, perhaps?
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I just call this craftsmanship too. To my mind it's kind of the opposite of virtuosity, in that being impressive is specifically not a goal.
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"mastery" came to mind for me as well.
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Neither of these quite capture the devotion aspect
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