San Francisco Vet Suggestions?
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Can anyone recommend a good veterinarian in the San Francisco area who is flexible in terms of paying for large procedures, or can anyone direct me to services to help finance a high ticket vet procedure?

I am posting this on behalf of someone else, but I'm looking either for recommendations for vets who would be willing to work out a payment plan for a large ticket vet procedure or information on any programs that might help to finance said vet procedure. The current vet is requiring that the bill be paid in advance, which is not possible.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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I don't have any experience with high-ticket procedures, but Mission Pet Hospital at 18th and Valencia provides good service and seems like the kind of establishment that could be flexible on payment terms.
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Sorry, I can't recommend anything specific, but in Canada anyway, there are companies which finance vet procedures at fairly reasonable rates, you could check into this. Truthfully though, you'll often find that a reasonable-rate credit card is your best bet. Larger vets will often work out a payment plan with you (just call and speak to the office manager, you will not be the only one who has asked this), smaller ones often cannot. Good luck.
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Ask the vet if they use a pet care payment plan service. These companies are credit companies. When we had a large (for us) bill resulting from emergency care for one of our pets, this option was provided. We were able to make monthly payments and, iirc, paid it off before interest kicked in 6 months later. I am sorry that I do not remember the name of the service we used.
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We use Pets Unlimited, which is a hospital and shelter and we've been happy with them. Of course, you'd have to find out if they do the procedure you're talking about - I have no idea if they do payment plans. You could call and ask. But if they don't, have your friends considered just putting the procedure on low or no interest credit card?

For super high end specialized pet care issues, we've been referred to UC Davis vet school. Maybe they do payment plans?
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We used Care Credit for a high dollar cat surgery. We had a year to payoff w/o any interest. We did not payoff in time so we are still paying. If you can budget your payments it is worth it.
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Thanks everyone for their suggestions, which we've passed along to our friend. I think the Care Credit company looks to be the best bet/answer. This is the cat in question, btw, lovely miss marycat.
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