How to deal with a lost money order?
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How to deal with a lost money order?

I recently sent a money order for a fee to an institution. It was enclosed along with an application form. They say now that they have received the form but no payment. I know for a fact that I enclosed the money order, folded up inside the application form. Is there any way to cancel or refund a money order in Canada? Or to prove that I sent the money order to them? (this was sent through regular mail) Or do I have to suck it up and fork out another fee?
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Everytime I have gotten a money order (either at a Bank or at Canada Post) I have gotten kept the bottom copy of the money order as a reciept. Did you send all the copies? Was the name of who the money order to filled out or left blank?
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Return to the financial institution that issued it, along with the receipt they gave you. They can try and return the funds and cancel the money order. They will explain the details to you there.
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