Seeking an Obscure Peruvian or Bolivian Traditonal Pan Flute Music Album
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Ready for a doozy, Metafilter? I am looking for a specific Peruvian or Bolivian album from the early or mid 1990s, and I don’t know the name of the artist or the name of the album.

Here’s what I know about the album. It was made up of traditional pan flute music and had at least the following songs: Sukiri, Tempestad, Lejanas, Juku. The artists sometimes make noises of encouragement during the songs, but they never sing.

I have already searched and Itunes, and as far as I can tell the album is not for sale there. (Btw, I own a copy of Inca the Peruvian Ensemble’s album, and I know for certain there album is not the one I am seeking.) The album probably uses some of all of the following words: Bolivian, Peruvian, Flute, Music. I also remember (possibly) the word “magic” and/or “traditional” being involved in the title of the album.

My father purchased this album in Washington DC on tape. I do not know for certain if the artists were national or not, but I wonder if the reason I haven’t found this album thus far is because the artist was local or traveling around.

Thanks in advanced!
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None of these album listings is an exact match, but could it be one of these? Considering that the non-Spanish words are probably Aymara or Quechua in origin, romanization might be inconsistent.
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Jach'a Mallku recorded three of those four songs on their album "Gran Condor," and they have also been included on the multi-artist compilation called "Traditional Andean Songs." (and probably on many more less formal compilations).

I believe Rumillajta also recorded three of those songs at one point or another (using the spellings"Zuriki" and "Jacku") but I can't find a recording of "Lejanias" from them.

note some spelling variants: Suriki/Zuriki/Suriqui, Lejanias/Lejania, Jucku/Juku. Those specific titles are I believe all (Aymaran) Bolivian stuff, so that may help you narrow it down.
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