Kindle repair in India
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Where to get a broken Kindle screen fixed in India?

Travelling the world at the moment and broke the screen on a Kindle. Will be heading to India and landing in Banglore. Given that this is an IT hub, does anyone know where I can get the screen fixed here? Or anywhere else in India for that matter? Thanks.
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Try calling/chatting with Amazon about this. I had the same problem when I was in India and Amazon actually shipped a new Kindle to me in India at their own cost immediately and asked me to send the broken Kindle to them at leisure. I sent it back to them from India itself and they actually refund me the cost of shipping the broken Kindle to them.

Those guys go beyond all calls of duty in most situations.
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I agree with libbrichus. I don't even think there are third-party Kindle repair services in the U.S. Amazon is so good about replacing broken Kindles that I doubt there's much of a market for it.
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K, I just did what you guys said and they're sending me a new one in India. WOW.
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