help find a west genesee high school yearbook 1995 1996
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Can someone help me acquire a West Genesee Senior High School yearbook from 1995 or 1996?

I was a student at West Genesee Senior High School in Camillus, NY many years ago. If I had high school yearbooks from my time there, I don't have them anymore. It would be fun to flip through and look at the student pictures to see who I remember.

How could I obtain or view one of these yearbooks (new, used, reprinted, or online)?

Things I have tried, or am about to try:

- Asking my classmates (I'm about to send a facebook message to one classmate I still know)
- Emailing a school administrator via (awaiting reply)
- Facebook (they only have yearbooks for 1963-1981)
- (they only have yearbooks for 1963-1981)
- Amazon (reprints for 1963-1981)
- (can't tell what they have without signing up first; I'll do this)
- (no luck)
- eBay (no luck)

I am not interested in attending reunions. Thanks for reading!
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You could try contacting the town's library to see if they have a copy. The town's police department may also have one, though it may be tough to get ahold of their copy.
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alphanerd: Ahhh, good tips! Thanks.
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I would just call them, the school's library usually keeps a copy. You're more likely to get what you need if you talk to a person on the phone. I don't know that they would sell you that copy, but they might have the plates so you can order a reprint or be able to put you in touch with your reunion committee or similar.

The longshot option is to get in touch with The dude who runs it knows EVERYONE who was ever tangentially involved in upstate wrestling and might be able to point to people who might have copies.

whut up west genny!!!
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I second Snarl Furillo. When I was a reporter, our best best for getting copies of old yearbooks was just to call the school's media department.
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It's another longshot, but the Library of Congress has a heading for "School Yearbooks."
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The Onondaga County public library system appears to have these yearbooks.
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Create an alert on Ebay. You'd be surprised how often yearbooks come up there. I have a few for some history related ones and never bothered to cancel them. The ones we were interested in come up all the time.
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eBay alert created; thanks for the suggestion.

Maxwell Library in Camillus told me they have the yearbooks I seek, non-digitized and non-circulated. This means I'll have to go there to view the yearbooks, which won't happen right away, but I'll be there within the next year or so. In the absence of any faster/cheaper option, this will work.
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I was able to go to Maxwell library and look at the 1995 yearbook; marking resolved!
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