Going paperless at home. Need a software to organize all digital documents
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I am going paperless at home and I need some program that will take care of digitized stuff with tagging.

I am going paperless at home and I need some software to be able to organize everything. It turns out that I made multiple copies of a lot of stuff (documents, videos, audio, photos, notes) on main laptop HDD and external HDDs. I am not really able to keep a track of everything and its turning into a mess. I am in need of some software that will take care of documents, preferably with tagging.

In the past at work, I have used Paperport (that came with our scanner) and it was slow but did the job (tagging wasn't a thing at that time). At next job, I used a software called as Yep, until it was free and it was the best. I would love to have such software for PC but haven't found one.
Currently, I am just using regular folder system to put the documents in but looking for something like Yep that will allow me to search document using a tag.

I have Everything installed that pretty much gets me what I want, if I know the file name otherwise I am lost. I am not interested in Google Desktop or similar programs.
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Well... I'd mention Evernote, but 39 other people are going to do that too. :D
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Fujitsu's excellent scansnap scanners come with Adobe Acrobat which will OCR your documents for you.

I use a naming scheme like year/YYYY-MM-DD companyname title.pdf

Any more is too much overhead and can be searched for.
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Combine the Fujitsu ScanSnap with Evernote for the perfect solution. I have the ScanSnap button auto-set to create an Evernote item when I scan. I get a searchable PDF and it's stored on all the devices I use.
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Before it goes into Evernote thread, let me mention, I am not comfortable going these documents in the cloud (though I have an option not to sync those folders).

I already have a scanner, Epson PhotoPerfection V300 and I have some OCR software with it, so OCR is not an issue.

What other option do I have than Evernote?
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DevonThink, if you're on a Mac. It's designed to integrate with the ScanSnaps quite well and has an amazing built-in search capacity. The one downside is priceā€”it's definitely a product designed for power users (and the price reflects that) and you need to get the pro version for the built-in OCR. Having said that, it's so useful for any kind of information management that you may well grow to use it for much more than just your PDFs.
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If you just want tagging, recent versions of Windows have this built in for some documents, which might work for you depending on what file types you have. There's a guide here.
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I have been using Paperless to manage receipts and some other documents. In theory, it could do what you want. It's really designed mostly for receipts (it has a spreadsheet-like interface), and to be honest, it's somewhat lacking in the kind of spit-polish that would make it pleasant to use.
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Quick update,

I am using PC and majority of the files are in pdf or text format. Thanks for the pointers so far.

@ xchmp,
I had no clue, thanks for this pointer. Only thing I am not very clear is, how do I search for the tags once the files are tagged.
This is where actually Yep excels that it makes a tag cloud so its easy to look for and search for the tag. I wonder if there is any Yep clone for PC.
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@ adamrice,
Just noticed that they do have windows version of Paperless, will give it a try. Thanks.
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Some people I know like Mendeley.

A couple previous posts that may give you ideas: here and here.
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Evernote supports offline notebooks. That or block it's access to the internet.
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Seconding DevonThink, if you can tolerate mercurial developers and haphazard updates. (and have a Mac.)
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