What should I get my sister for her law school graduation?
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My sister is graduating from law school. I've just realized I should probably get her a gift. But what?!

I feel silly that I haven't really realized that as a grown-up, I should probably get her something for her graduation (besides my presence at the ceremony!). And even more so that I have NO IDEA what to get her.

My budget is low. Somewhere below $100, I'd prefer closer to $50.

Context: We come from a family packed with lawyers, and I spent a few years working in law offices, which adds to my embarrassment of not being able to think of anything suitable. We're weird and quirky folks, but I can't really rely on having the time to find the perfect antique oddity to give her. She will, with any luck, be working in the non-profit/public defense sector.

I'm pretty particular about buying things in general, and would rather not get her anything than something generic and/or poorly-made. So, for example, a lovely little *thing* from Tiffany or Hermes (lol with my budget) would be preferable to a generic, say, leather legal pad folder with her initials on it (of which she already has TWO as other gifts). I'm quite sure she's not expecting anything from me and she's not especially materialistic, so I don't really need to compromise on this. I'd just love to surprise her with something nice. I'm not averse to trawling eBay, either. I just need ideas!

So, help me out, here. Other potentially relavent infos: she's into religious (Catholic) kitsch/artifacts, she's a big Latin nerd, and we're planning for a pretty epic backpacking/hiking trip in the next year or so. I'd prefer to get her something specifically law- or career- related for this particular gift, but something somehow relating to one or the other of those things might be ok. She may or may not already have a nice fancy pen; I don't want to get her a generic "fountain pen." If she were a man I would get her some monogrammed collar stays or vintage sterling cufflinks or something like that. I do not wear suits; is there a womanly equivalent?

Anonymous because she's a Mefite (via her awesome older sister, of course). Hopefully she just doesn't see this question!
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Does she already have a job lined up?
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Check out her law school's swag. My parents got me a frame for my diploma, currently hanging in my office. I got myself a fleece with the law school logo that I still wear all the time. I guarantee you, they'll have a bunch of stuff that would make a suitable gift.

If you want to work the Catholic angle, something relatively classy related to St. Thomas More, the patron saint of lawyers. I'm not Catholic, so I don't have any specific recommendations as to what might be appropriate there, but that's the ballpark.

If her law school happens to be Catholic--and there are actually a decent handful that are--the first recommendation will also probably have something related to the second.
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Just a thought --- you could get her a gift now, or you could get her a gift when she passes the bar exam. In many ways that's the real milestone.

If your sister likes dumb jokes you could buy her a charm bracelet or necklace with a small bell. Get it, "bar - bell"? I actually did this for a couple of friends and the gesture was appreciated. But then, I'm known for that sort of thing.

For something more serious you could get her a biography of John Marshall, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court responsible for the Court's ability to overturn laws passed by Congress.

(I looked for a bio of the first Catholic Justice, but nothing interesting there.)
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If you can go up $25 (from your original stretched $100 budget) and want to get her something from Tiffany & Co., these silver ball earrings would be nice for a lawyer.
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What about a St. Thomas Moore pendant? She probably knows he's the patron saint of lawyers.

She might also like an office doodad festooned with the Carbolic Smoke Ball ad -- trust me, she'll get it.

And while it's not Tiffany's, Etsy has a variety of unique and pretty business card holders and cases; perhaps you can get one personalized for her new desk.

For my graduation, my mother got me a sewing machine and my own badass mefi older sister got me a wheelie briefcase that I use all the time. Your sister will love anything you get her, promise!
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A gift card for her favorite restaurant, in a card that reads- Celebration Dinner for when you pass the bar.
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Etsy has some cool scales of justice jewelry. A nice watch would be a good and useful gift (one with gps tracking for the hiking trip?), or a letter opener (surprisingly useful for a paperwork-driven occupation). Will she have a public transit commute? If so, then a Kindle might be nice.
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She might also like an office doodad festooned with the Carbolic Smoke Ball ad -- trust me, she'll get it.

Or -- OR -- you can get her her very own Carbolic Smoke Ball!

There are other lawyerly gifts on that site. Frankly, I would skip all that, and go for something practical, like a nice messenger bag. Or Scotch.
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How about a Free Legal Advice Hand-Grenade.
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A nice business card case?
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Latin Harry Potter? Perfect for a bit of light reading between cases!
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In my office, I have the following things which were given to me as gifts, all of which I use and cherish: Black's Law dictionary (signed inside); Garner's A dictionary of Modern Legal usage (signed inside); two waterford crystal paper weights; an engraved letter opener; a desk set that includes a magnifying glass, letter opener, and scissors; a leather briefcase; a pair of silver earrings; several picture frames; a framed quote that is meaningful to me; a sculpture my husband made out of seashells and wire; bookends.

All kinds of various price ranges in there!
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For other lay(lawdegreeless)people like me, Carlill vs Cabolic Smoke Ball Company, 1893 was an important case that established promises made in advertisements were binding contracts, more or less. (Lawyers, you may begin feeding on this summary .... now!)
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A nice briefcase and pen were probably my most treasured gifts from my law school graduation. Law school-labeled stuff is also good; I have a law school sweatshirt that I wear all the time, and since I live in a different state now, I'm not likely to be wandering through the bookstore again any time in the near future.
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How about a nice desk nameplate with "HerName, Esquire"
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I work for and with lawyers. I think this book Law Talk is pretty cool and the lawyers I've showed it to liked it as well. It's basically a thoroughly-researched look at where legal terms came from.

It costs $30, so maybe this and a bottle of wine?
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I still use the pen set my parents gave me when I graduated from law school a long time ago. It's engraved with my name and the date I graduated. I just use it for signing things and I think of my folks almost every time grab it.
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