How to acquire the rights to The Nightman Cometh?
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How would I acquire the rights to stage a local production of the stage adaptation of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's The Nightman Cometh?
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By contacting the writers and the producer of the series. You can call the WGA for their agent information. Or you could try the House of Blues in Boston for the information.
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You might try the Twitter route, as some of the cast -- who also are, or are married to, the creators & executive producers -- are fairly active there:
Glenn Howerton ("Dennis") is @Glenn_Howerton.
Kaitlin Olson ("Dee", married to Rob McElhenney, "Mac", IRL) is @kaitlin_olson.
Mary Elizabeth Ellis ("The Waitress", married to Charile Day IRL) is @meellisday.
McElhenny created the show, and he, Day, and Howerton, are three of the six Executive Producers.
And though he's not a creator or showrunner or anything, Danny DeVito ("Frank") is on there too (@DannyDeVito), and seems to be pretty responsive to fans.
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