Where can we go on a getaway from NYC?
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Looking for a day trip from New York City this Thursday to Saturday.

Grandma has offered to take the kids and my wife and I are looking for a getaway from NYC. We have a car.

Of course, there are plenty of special snowflake requirements:

We've lived in the area our whole lives, so we've visited a lot of the obvious ones (Philly, Boston, Mystic, Jersey Shore...etc.), and while we're not dead-set against re-visiting, we'd love to go somewhere new.

It's a short trip, and the goal is to keep it low-stress - and maybe to actually de-stress - so we'd love somewhere within 90 miles or so.

Also, I don't know how to describe it exactly, but we'd love a spot that works like a casino - without, um, being a casino. Like: there's a bunch of spots to drink, walk, eat, shop, maybe a spa...and then with a five-minute walk we can be back at our room.

Alternately, a hotel/b&b/something that has a nice bar/lounge to hang out, drink, eat, relax in would work.

All of this is negotiable...if you have a crazy idea, lay it on me (we've thought, "Let's buy plane tickets the day of!" but haven't seen fares/cities we're good with). Thank you!
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Response by poster: D'oh! Not a "day trip" - we're going away from Thursday to Saturday. Thanks!
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Have you been to Newport, RI? It's double the distance you want to travel (about 180 miles, or 3.5 hrs) but I think fits the bill. It's beautiful, has a great walkable waterfront area with restaurants, shopping (high-end and also local kitschy shops), spas, hotels, ice cream parlors and great parks to eat the ice cream in, etc. I did a Fri-Sun trip there 2 springs ago and it was perfect.
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Do you like small towns? Rhinebeck, NY or Woodstock, NY have lots of small shops and restaurants, plus some events like concerts/films.
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Hudson would be another quick train ride out off the city.
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Yeah I was thinking Hudson Valley as well, though none of the towns up there have an abundance of fun stuff like you seem to want. Except for the bigger cities like Poughkeepsie or Kingston, which lack the charm that makes it worth going up there. Rhinebeck is about four blocks or so, with a handful of restaurants, a good movie theater, probably some antique-y stuff. But it is beautiful up there; and you could go eat at the CIA, and walk the Walkway Over the Hudson. And it's certainly close. Not a bad idea all in all.

Alternatively, maybe head a little further up into the Berkshires? Lenox is nice.
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I have a great place! The Farnsworth House, in Pennsylvania (this is the farnsworth house in East Run, not the one in Gettysburg). It's a B&B owned by two guys (married), who also restore player pianos, and have a bunch of them around the house. My girlfriend and I stayed there overnight on our way to a wedding, and it was the best part of the trip. The owners started feeding us drinks the second we walked in the door. The spent most of the evening hanging out with us, drinking and listening to the player pianos. By NYC bar prices, the value of the booze far exceeded what we paid for the room. Then they cooked us the best breakfast I've ever had the next morning. It was fantastic. The website seems to be down right now, but it was cached at the end of March, so I'm sure it's just temporary.
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How about New Hope, Pa / Lambertville, NJ. Wonderful walkable towns across the river from one another. Lots of shops, restaurants, bars and places to stay.
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If your budget can take it, the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY would be excellent for de-stressing.
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