Gym in West London?
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Please recommend a good gym in London. Preferably West London near-ish Heathrow airport but will travel for up to 20 minutes on the train.

I am looking for a clean, new-ish gym with an excellent variety of classes in London (including zumba, pilates). Also prefer that the gym has a swimming pool, spa, and steam room. I don't use machines at all. But I do use the strength training machines to supplement my classes, so I hope the gym also has modern equipment. I haven't found a review website yet with lots of reviews for gyms (tried already). I've seen the Virgin Active this the only decent option? The gym shouldn't be break-the-bank Equinox style, but something like a 24 Hour Fitness SuperSport.
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If you'd like to try out a variety of gyms, PayAsUGym gets you day passes for cheaper than the usual rate. I used it in London quite a bit last year and enjoyed myself a lot, it all worked very smoothly and as promised.

Hotel gyms in London are remarkably good if small. I like the Hilton Metropole on Edgware Road (minimal classes, but all your other requirements).
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P.S. even if you can't be faffed with day-passes, there are quite a lot of reviews on Payasugym behind the log-in. They also have an excellent map and can find gyms close to you.
P.P.S. I am not affiliated ;)
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