Find Spanish al Qaeda indictment
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On September 17, 2003 Spanish über-judge Baltasar Garzón issued a 700-page indictment of the "Madrid cell" of al Qaeda for its support role in the 9/11 attacks. Is this document online anywhere? Has it ever been translated?
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Garzón works for the Spanish National Court

This points out:
"Within the National Court, the Central Examining Courts (Juzgados Centrales de Instrucción) investigate and prepare cases to be tried either in the Central Criminal Court or the National Court."
So he works for the Juzgados Centrales de Instrucción within the Audiencia Nacional. Maybe googling that will help. seems like the most likely place to find something. Unfortunately, my spanish skills don't go much farther than ordering food.
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Response by poster: Thanks, tweak. I had only gotten a little farther myself (various news releases) on that site.

This has become somewhat pertinent because of the Luton cell which was busted last August, reportedly because of links uncovered in the Garzon indictment -- and now there's at least one link from the Luton cell to the Leeds cell.

Surprisingly, very little of this is documented in Wikipedia.
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I don't think it's available or translated. If you have Lexis-Nexis International or the 'case summary number' is apparently 35/01.
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