I want to be a calendar girl
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You guys are always in the loop on this stuff... what's the best option nowadays for putting a nice looking, large custom calendar on an active website, one with an interface that's easy to use and customize? (Not a Wordpress plugin please, this is going to be a standard site, not a WP blog.) Thanks oodles, peeps. ;)

I've worked a bit with CSS and advanced jQuery photo galleries... So I'm happy to futz with stuff to make it look great but easy is nice sometimes too. :)
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I've been pretty happy with embedding Google Calendar in websites, but I don't need it to do very much. It's certainly easy to use, but I'm afraid it's not terribly customizable. On the up side, it's free!
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I'm after a jQuery calendar that can work with JSON or XML. Right now Full Calendar is the top contender.
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Full Calendar's the only one that I've used, though I didn't find it "easy", per se.
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Used Full Calendar a bit more, and found it pretty easy to use. Didn't customize too much, but the stuff I did customize was pretty easy.
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