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I am having problems with crosstools on OS 10.3.9 - Does anyone have this setup working? Any general advice on crosscompiling on a Mac for ARM is also welcome.

When I try to get crosstools going, during the stage where is it building glibc, it pukes out and tells me my versions of as and ld are out of date or missing. Poking around on the internet, and I see that the version of binutils distributed with XCode 1.5 (the most up-to-date available for 10.3) is not the latest and greatest, and this is causing some problems for other people. When I try to build the most recent versions from the gnu ftp site, I find that my platform doesn't seem to be supported.
So what's up with that?
If I upgrade to OS 10.4 and XCode 2.1, are later versions of as and ld included?
I am not terribly tied to crosstools, but it will probably be used in the "standard" development tools for this project. What exactly would I need to have if I am not going to use crosstools? I think I need gcc, glibc, binutils, and some other stuff all targeted to building the ARM target on my Mac.
What exactly do I have wrong in my description above?
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10.4 / Xcode 2.0 or 2.1 both include gcc 4.0, as well as the old 3.3. It's certainly possible that your problem would be fixed by using 4.0.
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