How can I display postcards?
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How can I display postcards in a unique way?

I've been collecting postcards with the themes of books, reading, libraries, etc. I'd love to display these in a unique way so I can see them and enjoy them, but I'm not very "crafty". I'm open to anything except the old "put 'em in an album" routine. Any ideas?
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We have an old drugstore display rack that had been used for selling postcards. Unfortunately it's filled up now and we need another one!
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How about postcard clotheslines? They're super-simple, and I think they're super-adorable.
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I cut out strands of string, and used plain silver paper clips to clip them to the strings, and then hung the tops on stick-on-the-wall hooks to display some pictures (to the left of the window). In this way you can see both sides after you walk by them, as your movement creates wind so you can see both sides. Otherwise, you can put another stick-one-the-wall hook at the bottom so they don't turn around. I like this method cuz you can customize the size of the string and organize it in a cool way.
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Oops! Looks like I had the same idea as lilac girl.
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Yes, another vote for the wire photo wall that I have been planning and failing to execute for 4 years now.
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If you live near a Daiso or other Japanese dollar store, they make frames of approximately the right size. I put a bunch of mine in frames and arranged them haphazardly on my wall.
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I used some eye-screws, wire, and binder clips to make a gallery of 4x6 photos in my living room.

Photo 1. Photo 2.
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I use IKEA's 4x6 Clips frames with black paper behind the cards. They're nice and minimalist, the black paper makes the images stand out, they can be hung oriented either direction, and at four for $0.99, the price is right.
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Here's an example of the Clips frames in use.
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My apartment has a ton of plant hooks on the ceiling that I am too brown-thumbed to take advantage of, so I leapt at the Kikkerland Postcard Mobile when I saw it at a museum gift shop. Now on Amazon! I've seen a few different setups, but they are really, really fun.
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I turned mine into a "wallpaper border" with doublestick tape. I've done it both at chair-rail height and up right at the ceiling. It looks cool and people like to look at it and send you more, especially if it's a work in progress. I didn't mind mine being ruined when pulled down, though, since mine were just pretty pictures from all over the world, not a collection per se. A few special ones I saved in an album.
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I saw someone who had postcards in a rotating photo holder kind of like this one. Fun to flip through.
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I wound up doing this weird thing which worked okay but was a little labor intensive once you got up past a dozen postcards or so. I think if I were going to do it again I'd put little strips of metal on the walls and then affix with mini-magnets.
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Get a piece of clear glass to cover a desk or tabletop. Scatter postcards on surface, put glass in top. My workroom desk has an assortment of cards, concert tickets, stickers & flyers on it and it looks pretty neat.
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Err, that should be *on* top. Posting from phone. Apologies.
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