Ice Box Man
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I was recently watching the 1985 Tom Hanks movie The Man With One Red Shoe. In it, a dead CIA agent is briefly hidden in Tom Hanks' refrigerator. Can you think of other movies with people in refrigerators?

I've been able to think of two more scenes with people an icebox:
The Fifth Element
Monty Python's Meaning Of Life

I'm not looking for movies set in industrial freezers since people are supposed to be in them or things that aren't refrigerators such as Hans Solo being frozen in Carbonite.
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Indiana Jones and the crystal skull?
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In The Goonies, Chunk finds a dead body in the freezer while he's raiding it for ice cream.
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There's the scene in Ghostbusters where Sigorny Weaver opens her refrigerator and there's the temple of Zuul or whatever in there...
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Not a movie, but there's an episode of Punky Brewster where one of the gang gets trapped in a fridge.
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Of course there was the "very special" episode of Punky Brewster that centered on the dangers of playing (and getting trapped to death in) abandoned refrigerators
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In Goodfellas, Frankie Carbone is frozen in a refrigerated truck.
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Also, it's not a movie, but in the TV show Dexter, Dexter finds a murdered professor (played by the guy who played the captain in the Battlestar Galactica remake) frozen in a large refrigerator. The murderer was played by Tom Hanks' son, whose name I've also forgotten...
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Desperate Living.

Muffy St. Jacques finds her baby in the refrigerator during an unauthorized babysitter house party.
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Micmacs, a quite charming french comedy about one man's crusade against local arms dealers. One character, a contortionist, hides in them to startle newbies and as a practical measure when searching a villain's apartment.

'Stuffed into the Fridge" is a trope
which I believe was coined after an observation about sexism in mainstream comics:

These are superheroines who have been either depowered, raped, or cut up and stuck in the refrigerator. I know I missed a bunch. Some have been revived, even improved -- although the question remains as to why they were thrown in the wood chipper in the first place.

The original self-latching fridges were deathtraps for children who would hide in abandoned ones for hide-and-seek games.
Congress eventually mandated the use of the now omnipresent magnetic door seal gaskets.
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Oh, in Richard Burton's hilariously awful Bluebeard, the dead wives (and the living one, at one point) are all stored in the freezer.
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The Lorax has a scene where the Once-ler opens his fridge and finds a barbaloot inside sucking down the last stick of butter.
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Not strictly a movie, but I saw a video of a production of the opera Hansel and Gretel set in the 1950s in which the witch, preparing to roast Hansel, goes to the Frigidaire for vegetables or condiments or something.

When she opens the door, the whole fridge is stacked with dead babies.
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In Breaking Away there is a scene where one of the characters dives down to an underwater refrigerator. It happened again, with tragic results.
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In my minds eye I can see Hulk Hogan stepping out of a fridge. What movie was that?
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Layer Cake
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In The Frighteners, Michael J. Fox's character locks himself in the freezer in order to die, so he can fight the bad guy. They later revive him.
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Does American Psycho count?
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Does it have to be a whole person? Severance has a foot in a fridge.
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Pedro Almodovar's Volver
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From what I remember, Gorky Park had a head in a fridge.
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Misfits, 1st season
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In My Boyfriend's Back I believe the protagonist's mother steals a corpse from the mortuary and hides it in the fridge/freezer.
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Return of the Pink Panther.
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How about a TV show? In Psych (the episode was called Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead) a museum guard was stuffed in a fridge.

I'm a little ashamed I know that.
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Ed finds his mom peeling potatoes inside the fridge in Ed and His Dead Mother
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The Late Show (1977), a great tragi-comic private detective movie with Art Carney and Lily Tomlin. Dead body in a refrigerator.
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In the Todd Solondz film HAPPINESS (1998), Camryn Manheim's character stored the dead body parts of her doorman that she killed in her refrigerator/freezer.
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In Parents bodies are kept in a freezer then served for dinner.
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where the truth lies
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The surprise ending of the original Friday the 13th is that the killer was Jason's mother, Pamela Voorhees. Well, in the opening of Part 2, the sole survivor of the original movie finds Pamela's head in a refrigerator, a calling card left by Jason Voorhees, who then goes on to be the villain of Part 2 and nine other sequels (Jason wasn't actually the villain from Part V, too).
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Didn't they store Medusa's head in a fridge in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?
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In Weekend at Bernies 2 Bernie is smooshed into a mini fridge for a while in order to slow decomposition and hide his smell.
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Also, in the sci fi, horror movie, Hardware, the protagonist pulls the shelves from her fridge and briefly hides in there as the robot who is after her can only see using infrared vision.
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