Alternative to Citypockets deal voucher tracking site?
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How do I keep track of my myriad Groupon-type vouchers? Citypockets was perfect for this, but it's shutting down. Am I doomed to spreadsheets forever?

Ideally, I would like a site that can import the vouchers automatically, or allow me to forward confirmations like Frugalo used to (now also shut down, alas).

I have found a couple alternatives like Slice and AwardWallet, but they aren't geared specifically to deal voucher sites and don't support a lot of them. Hope me, Metafilter! I don't want to enter everything by hand again!
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Don't know about sites, but I save all my vouchers with a filter that directs them to a "Worth Money!" folder in gmail, and then have a reminder email sent to me "Check Vouchers!" weekly. I also immediately put the expiration dates into gcal.
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I use workflowy.
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