Help me eat something other than anchovies
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I love bagna cauda. What other small, strongly-flavoured sauces or dips make a good centrepiece for a meal?

On nights when I have time to prep I usually make meals that have lots of raw vegetables and bread, paired with something small and flavourful like a dipping sauce or cured meats. I discovered bagna cauda a while ago and it's awesome. What other foods pack lots of flavour and will pair well with a bunch of veggies and bread?
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Olive Tapenade - particularly if it's a bit sweetened
Goat Cheese
Homemade ricotta
Guacamole - replace bread with chips
Hummus - in red pepper and extra-garlicky varieties
Chili con Queso or Queso Fundido
Nam Prik Ong - substitute sticky rice for bread

+1 to Muhammara
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I haven't tried it yet, but Tamar Adler recommends building a meal around aioli in her book An Everlasting Meal (a great book, btw).
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Extra-garlicky baba ganoush.
+1 tapenade
Pesto, maybe? I've made a creamy pesto by taking standard pesto and mixing it with cream cheese and sour cream (I don't do mayo), and that makes a great dip.
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Welsh rarebit
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Aioli is a great suggestion, especially since you can make one batch then split it into a handful of bowls and season each differently (piment d'espelette, gumbo file & mustard, mashed anchovies & oregano, whatever sounds good at the moment). Now I'm totally craving some roasted padron peppers with espelette aioli.
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I popped in to suggest zhoug and green mango pickle.

Welsh rarebit isn't a sauce it's a dish, but I'll agree that the combination of sharp cheddar and Worcestershire sauce and mustard packs quite a punch.

And on preview: ZOMG I can't wait for Padrón peppers to come back into season!

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+1 more to Muhammara.

Toasting the walnuts just right is the key to that dip, in my experience.
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On the Muhammara theme, a big bowl of romesco is going to fit the bill, and you can put together a lovely American variant on the Catalan calçotada with lightly grilled ramps, asparagus and bread.
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"building a meal around aioli"

aïoli garni? Delicious...

Persillade? Pistou -- make the soup, dip your bread in?

Google "hummus masabacha," and consider all those "topped" hummuses one sees in the stores now -- easy to make your own
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Hummus! Buy a good one or make your own, serve with fluffy soft fresh pitas (not the thin horrible ones that you can get at grocery stores... try to find a mideastern market) or any other tasty bread and lots of vegetable spears. Nom nom nom. (But beware, hummus = chickpeas = legumes = fartypants for many people.)
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Goat cheese blended with roasted red peppers with a squeeze of lemon is irresistible.
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It sounds like you might enjoy gado-gado.
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