Help me find machine music that isn't abrasive, but also isn't predictable.
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Help me find electronic music that sounds like machines. Some examples are Diamond Catalog, SPK, and Nate Young. Boards of Canada also comes very close. Unsettling but not aggressive (e.g. not Big Black). Chaotic but not out of control (e.g. not Merzbow's Merzbeat or Pulse Demon). Thanks!
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Best answer: Esplendor Geométrico.

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(The Coh track kicks in about 1:00 in.)
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Best answer: All of the non-vocal Edward Ka-Spel makes fits that description. And he's made a lot of it.

You can't go wrong with anything from Stars Of The Lid.

Coil's two Musick To Play In The Dark volumes are also well worth seeking out.
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(the song i linked was specifically created to poke fun at a uk law banning parties with 'repetitive beats'--- the beats in that song never repeat throughout the entire track)
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Listening to some of these make me think some Squarepusher or Aphex Twin, or Amon Tobin would be right up your alley.

For Squarepusher, many of his works have a very "machine" quality to them, though Music is Rotted One Note is not one of those. Listen to various tracks on youtube to get an idea. Some of his earlier stuff may be too predictable, while some of his later stuff may be too...human?

For Aphex Twin, people will disagree with me for sure, but I find a lot of his "ambient" works to be kinda...well...boring, but some of it may be in the realm you are looking for. I personally think Drukqs is great, and likely has some of what you may be looking for, as well.

I also mentioned Amon Tobin, and you should check him out, but the thought occurs to me that you should probably look at other artists that are under Ninja Tune as well.
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Best answer: Atom Heart - Schnittstelle
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Try Richard Devine or Otto von Shirach, too. Both are very Autechre inspired if you find yourself leaning that way. On second thought, most of their songs are probably too abrasive but you never know. If you like Boards of Canada, try Tycho.
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Oh, I forgot about Phoenecia. Their earlier stuff is more beat oriented while the later stuff is more abstract.
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Best answer: Most of the stuff off the Schematic label. Ischemic Folks and Lily of the Valley collect work from label artists, to give you a taste. Would also recommend the two "Delarosa and Asora" Agony and Backsome EPs.
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Best answer: Oval
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Response by poster: Wow, great answers! I'm looking for the more experimental stuff similar to the stuff I've highlighted. While the Esplendor Geometrico track you linked is great, I like El Expreso De Tistutin even more.
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Oh, weird, I mentioned Mouse on Mars earlier, but I must have wandered away before I hit post.
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Best answer: Pan Sonic.
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The Korean free improv community, especially Ryu Hankil's work with gutted mechanical clocks, Jin Sangtae's work with hard disk drives, Choi Joonyong's cracked CD players, and Hong Chulki's acoustic turntable (without cartridge or records).

Here's a place to start:
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Pantha Du Prince.
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Chris Herbert
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