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I'm in my 20s and a man and I have a lot of trouble coming up with reasonably in style outfits. I'm looking for pictures of outfits with links to buy each component. Ideally, these would not be tied to any one brand (so, not Gap's looks for spring or something). Basically: "Wear theses things together and here is where you can find them."

I don't want anything too costume-y or dressed up; I don't wear a suit most days. I also don't just want a feed of individual items, I need help putting them together. Here's what I've come up with already:

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The Nerd Boyfriend tumblr shows some classic pictures of well-dressed celebrities and has links to where you can buy pieces similar to the individual items.
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here's the deal. what are you going for? this is key. find out what you want to look like first, then shop for the pieces.

I usually go vintage for almost everything, personally.
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Put another way, have your own style. Otherwise you're just playing catch up.
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You might find what you are looking for in the /r/malefashionadvice blogroll..
You could also check out the What are you wearing today threads, which will often show an outfit with the individual clothing identified.

(Be warned that MFA has a certain aesthetic and isn't always welcoming to a more casual dress sense)
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I love Put This On. I wish they had one for women.
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+1 for the dapper dudes over on Reddit's Male Fashion Advice. You need to go there.
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If you buy quality clothing in a range of compatible colors, you can pick almost any shirt to go with almost any pair of pants in your closet. Clothes that are cut well, in good condition, and clean/not too wrinkled, will generally look pretty good. Wear good shoes. You can always go to a store, get advice and help buying 1 outfit, and see what comments you get. If it's a good outfit, go back to the store, and buy another.

fyi, it's
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I found out recently that you can make an appointment with a personal shopper at Nordstrom's and J Crew. You just tell them what you're looking for and they'll pick out stuff for you to try.
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I really like Valet mag, especially how the Shopping Engine front page is organized. There's also the Mr. Porter journal with features like travel packing which I find quite inspirational, especially since my partner has turned over his sartorial decision-making to me (he just doesn't want to think about it). Practically all the looks can be replicated with high street brands like Gap, J Crew, Zara Man, Top Man etc.

Alternatively, since you live in San Francisco, you could the Kinokuniya bookstore in Japantown and hit the fashion magazine racks. You will find whole magazines and style guides devoted to men's fashion. They're more like magazine-catalogues, so even if you don't read a lick of Japanese, they'll be really fun to peruse.
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