Looking to Manage My Call Time on Android Phone
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I manage a non-profit in New Jersey and often need to make a large number of calls in a short time to supporters, clients and/ or donors. I like to set up a to do list of calls that I can run through and just make call after call to get through my lists as fast as I can. I have an HTC Thunderbolt phone. I've tried to do lists, but none of the ones I've used are not tied in to the phone dialer. I want to be able to click on a phone number in my list and have it call up the dialer. It'd be awesome if it also tracked my calls on Google Calendar. If there is a to do list app out there that connects to the dialer on Android then I would prefer to use that. But if I have to I'll keep my to do and call lists separate. Thanks!
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I am pretty sure that Any Do offers tap-to-call. It also has some appointment integration, although I don't know if you could both have a task as an appointment and have it work for tap to call.
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I use Any Do on my Thunderbolt and can confirm that it does tap-to-call. It's particularly nice for call tasks because you can allow it to capture missed calls and pop up reminders for you to return the call. It's also intelligent about auto-completing tasks you're typing like "Call James Lee" with names from your address book.
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Thanks so much. I downloaded it and am on the list for web access. Hoping it does what I need ...
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I couldn't get Any.do to do what I wanted, so I went with Astrid which does. Thanks for the help, folks.
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