I Don't Want Variety Right Now
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Pandora is unsatisfying right now, as I really only want to listen to one specific artist. Is there any sort of internet music service out there that's free that will allow me to just pick one artist and only listen to that artist's music?

So basically, I'm on my way to a concert tonight and wanted to listen to music by the artist in question at work to get me adequately pumped up (I hope I'm not the only one with this silly routine). However, Pandora, being Pandora, gives me some of this artists' songs and then gives me a whole bunch of other similar-ish songs via it's algorithm. But I don't want to hear other artists or discover new music right now! I want to get in the concert mood. Is there a site out there that can just allow me to hear the one artist I want? Or am I just foolish for leaving my iPod at home?
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That's exactly what Spotify does. You can listen to whole albums.
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My friends are all using Spotify for their free streaming music nowadays.
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Spotify is pretty awesome, and you can create your own playlists that you can share with others via facebook.
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Grooveshark is free and doesn't have ads like Spotify.
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Spotify is great but it does have annoying ads and you have to download the client; Grooveshark is browser-based and is also awesome. I think either will do what you want.
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Tiny problem with Spotify: work firewall not allowing anything to stream. :( Sad.

Flamingo, Grooveshark looks like it's hitting the bill perfectly. Thanks!
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Another issue with Spotify is that it helpfully streams music to other users from your computer. That's right, it's actually a P2P client. Watch your bandwidth.
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Don't get too attached to Grooveshark. The big record labels love to sue them for not paying royalties.
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I love Spotify. I pay the monthly fee to have it on my phone and I use it all the time.
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Grooveshark actually does have ads, but they are less painful than Spotify's. When you are about to start a session of music, you may either watch 15 seconds of advertisement to unlock 4 listening hours, or pay $2-10 for various lengths of ad-free listening.

I go back and forth about Grooveshark's passing on licensing consequences to its users but at this point it's unlikely its user base will be sued, so I recommend it over Spotify.
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Last fm?
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MOG is also free now.
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Hype Machine (browser-based) aggregates and plays blogged music; it's searchable by artist, too, so you get a cross-section / selection of their work.
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