Outourced web design in Latin America or CEE
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South American or Eastern European web design and development firms for long-term outsourcing relationship?

I recently purchased a small website design firm and am looking to outsource the backend development to a partner so we can focus on client management, sales and marketing.

I've been trying to assemble my own virtual team from elance / odesk / freelancer but the results have been pretty poor and I don't want to be in the HR business.

The typical project will be very straightforward small business site designs -- 3-5 pages, with contact forms. Straight up HTML and CSS designs - so very simple. I also have a few magento clients and requests for SEO.

I'm looking specifically for a long term partnership where we can create a very clean project management system and clean handoffs for site-design and one-off maintenance requests for my clients.

Ideally this would be in Latin America for timezone alignment, but open to CEE as well. India not as ideal but very open to hearing your experiences.

Anybody have experience with these kind of shops?

Thanks in advance!!!
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