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Consumer Reports - How can I buy (over the internet) the April issue of Consumer Reports? Difficulties, I live 1/2 hour outside of the shopping areas. Also I'm not really interested in subscribing but if that's the best way then I understand.
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For $7 off the Consumer Reports website?

It's just the one issue.
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If you can handle not owning a copy, your local library may subscribe and have the issue available for onsite browsing or checkout.
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Would you be OK with the online edition? It looks like you're in Corcoran, your local library has access to this via MasterFILE.
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Also, yes, your local library subscribes to Consumer Reports.
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I'd be glad to email you a PDF of the April issue.
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Oops, hit send to soon. The physical copy should be available at your local library, catalog entry is here.
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Yes, it is in my local library. But past experience tells me that it may disappear before I get to it.
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If you can get to the library before the end of April, you should be able to see it. Libraries usually don't lend the current issues of magazines.
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The iPad app, if that's an option.
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The MasterFILE content won't disappear. If you're not sure how to navigate the databases, just ask your friendly librarian.
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