Exploding Lemons - I remember that much
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Whenever I reminisce with friends about childhood television (Great Space Coaster, 3-2-1 Contact, etc) there is one show that nobody remembers. Hell, I barely remember it but perhaps someone here has better memories of this than I do.

It was a puppet show that took place at a hotel. There was an older puppet that ran the hotel and the show mainly revolved around his son. There was also a bad guy (at least I think he was bad) who threw exploding lemons. Lemon grenades played a fairly large role and everyone seemed to throw them at some point.

I happened to be living in Topeka, Kansas at the time, so it is possible that it was a locally produced children's show. (The same way none of my friends remember Uncle Al since they're not from southwest Ohio.) It would have been airing around 1978, perhaps a little before or after.

Someone's got to remember the exploding lemons!
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maybe the gigglesnort hotel? mentions something about a lemon kid, looks like it's midwest based... 1975-1978.
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Gigglesnort Hotel!! Gigglesnort Hotel!!

Finally I have the answer to one of these "do you remember" AskMes. Though what stuck in my head wasn't the lemons, it was Blob, the big hunk of clay with an ever-changing face.
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Once I watched the opening from MsMolly I knew that was it! It all came back to me...
I still have a feeling no one else around me will remember this, but at least I have something to show them now.
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