Tell me about your favourite microwave popcorn!
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I really like microwave popcorn. I make it by hand too, and sometimes via this paper bag method, but I sort of really like factory processed microwave popcorn. Especially kettlecorn! I love fresh fairground kettlecorn, but I also really like microwave "kettlecorn," which is a different beast altogether. ...and I'd like your recommendations!
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At our house we use regular yellow kernels, 2-3 tbsp of peanut oil (this is VITAL) and just pop it on the stove top while wiggling the pot around a bit. I add a few shakes of fine popcorn salt ... ooo ... still shaking ... annnnnnnd that.... is ... probably... enough.... salt aaaand ... SERVE. Sometimes there might be a little bit of butter too. Like today. This is probably not the healthiest preparation but it gets me through the first 30 minutes of the 85th viewing of "Up".
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Do you know any Cub Scouts? Popcorn sales is one of the big fundraisers and the kettle corn seems to be a pretty popular seller. At least it is around here. You can buy direct from Trail's End here, and if you know a scout, his group can get credit for the sale.
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(also, I've eaten it and it's really good)
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Microwave kettle corn is actually made with artificial sweeteners, because sugar would burn and be untasty.
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Homemade kettle corn is really easy to make in a pot, too. I do basically what joinks does but add about two tablespoons of white sugar when I throw in the popcorn. Sometimes I add a shake of cayenne pepper along with the salt at the end if I'm in the mood for something spicy-sweet.

The reason I mention making popcorn at home is that there's some evidence that diacetyl, which is a big ingredient in the butter flavor you find in microwave popcorn, is bad for people's lungs at a certain level of exposure. It probably doesn't effect you, but there's evidence that it's an occupational hazard for the people who work in the plants that make microwave popcorn.
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Oh yeah, jquimby has it: get some Trails End, directly or from your favorite Cub Scout/Boy Scout, it's the best microwave popcorn I've tried! Several different flavors (butter, cheesy, etc.) plus very good popping quality.
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Pop-Secret's HOMESTYLE microwave popcorn is our family's favorite. Not too much butter, not too much salt. Seems to be just right for us.
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