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I'm on a long-term search for some specific food-production machinery... Where should I be looking, that I'm not already.

I'm on a long-term search for a couple specific pieces of coffee-roasting machinery. I'm more than willing to wait for the right little buddy to come along, and jump on it. I'm willing to wait for a year or two, I'm willing to buy from North America or Europe...BUT I want to maximize my chances of finding one.

My question is what venues should I be checking on a regular basis? Where do I search for niche industry products like this? There are a couple of outlets that assist with this state-side; they seem relatively sketchy, and I've known several good friends who have had poor dealings with them.

I routinely search on websites like Shop Machinery UK and Exapro, and Craigslist...with no real avail (similar items sometimes come up, so I continue checking those outlets).

Where else should I be looking?

I'm trying to make this question broad enough to be usable by others, but the machine I'm looking for is a French made, SASA Samiac coffee roaster that ranges anywhere from the 5-25 kilo capacity range.
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Have you tried setting up Google Alerts for the names of these pieces of equipment? That way, you would be notified of any new mentions of them online.
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It's a long shot (like, way long) but Emilio Miti is a dealer in specialty restaurant and food service equipment here in San Francisco. Not that you're likely to find your machine in their regular catalog, but the owner loves kitchen equipment and collects and refurbishes splendid old machines (including a few vintage motorbikes). He sells them too! It might be worth calling them to see if he has any leads for you, and if you're planning to visit SF you can make an appointment to see the vintage stuff showroom (it's by appointment only, although they'll answer the doorbell if they're not busy).
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