Free molecular biology software?
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I'm looking for good free software tools for doing basic molecular biology work - sequence alignments, DNA-protein translation, restriction mapping, and PCR primer design. Got any recommendations?

The last time I did this kind of work, six years ago, I used Vector NTI, but I don't need to do so much work this time, so I'd like to find something free.
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Best answer: I don't do anything fancy, but I think ApE does a pretty good job and is easy to learn.
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For de novo short read assemblers I've had some success with ABySS, SOAPdenovo and MIRA. Velvet seems popular though I've not had much luck with it.

For sequence alignment against a reference I use SMALT (full disclosure - I sit next to the programmer at work). The venerable cross_match is still good for capillary alignment. It's only free to academics though.
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I'd recommend looking into what is available on the Galaxy system which has a nifty web interface.
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Best answer: Yeah, ApE is all right. For primer design I usually use Primer3.

(I really wish there were a good open-source replacement for Vector NTI, especially now that it costs a million bajillion dollars per license.)
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Here are the statistical genetics and phylogenetics pages with lots of packages for free statistical software R.
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Best answer: I currently prefer Serial Cloner to ApE for basic cloning stuff (restriction mapping, construct design, in silico pcr and digests and ligations and whatnot.) I feel like ApE is a little more focused on sequence analysis, while Serial Cloner can handle stuff like Gateway-based cloning, shRNA production, and some other random things.

I'm assuming that by "sequence alignments" you mean "compare the sequencing results I got to the construct that I was trying to make and see if the cloning went well" rather than more involved genome/transcriptome alignment stuff, since VectorNTI is really for the former, not the latter. For that, there are a zillion implementations of ClustalX/other multiple sequence alignment tools; I usually use the online EBI ones when I just want to quickly check things. (EBI has a lot of basic tools you may find helpful.)

For primer design, I use Primer3 Plus, a slightly more user-friendly Primer3 web interface.
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Response by poster: Looks like ApE or Serial Cloner should do what I need, plus one or two other tools.

Thanks all!
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