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I am interested in developing three new blogs, all for business purposes. I have the business mind and the game plan, but don't have enough time to learn how to use systems like Movable Type or Word Press. Does anyone know where I can get some help?
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Why not just use a system like Typepad? Everything's installed and hosted, redesigns are a point and click away. It lets you focus on content instead of programming your site.
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Is there something about them that precludes the likes of Blogger? Nothing like keeping costs low initially, and that includes your time jerking around with the software.
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What specifically do you want to learn? If you can post a question to Ask MetaFilter then you already know how to post articles to MT or WP. The rest is optional
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Try this previous question asked at almost the same time as yours, except a month ago.

It has a bevy of great answers for getting started as a beginner. Businesswise, there are ways to apply almost anything. TypePad and Blogger are the most userfriendly. WordPress and MoveableType are more powerful and a good option if you can get someone else to install and design your blog.
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Inknoise is another hosted service with a good model for what you have in mind.
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(Disclaimer: I work for Six Apart, and manage the community for a living.)

We've got a community for blogging professionals called the Six Apart Professional Network, and one of its specific goals is to be able to filter requests for assistance or consulting out to experts in the community. If you'd like to make a request for help on business blogs, you can join the list and submit your request or just let me know (anil at sixapart dot com) and I'll be glad to pass your request on to the folks there.

If you just want to start your own blog, and don't need a consultant to help, lots of businesses use TypePad to get up and running quickly.
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