And if it could respond to "hello, Computer," that would be nice.
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Help me do everything humanly possible with my car's Bluetooth functionality.

I just got a new Hyundai with Bluetooth built in (but not the more robust color screen/GPS package), and it's great. Good voice recognition, clear sound , plays music from the phone over the car speakers. A fairly standard feature-set, from what I understand, and more than enough for day-to-day use. But my predilection for tinkering is taking over, and I'm trying to figure out what further potential it has for car-based control of my phone (an Android handset, running custom 2.3). Is there a way to make the voice controls do anything other than dial the phone – maybe some hack to make one of the buttons on my steering wheel (there are three: call, hang up and an all-purpose “Listen for a voice command” button) trigger the phone's Siri-esque Voice Search? The out-of-the-box functions are pretty great, but if there's more I can get out of it, I'd like to know.
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I just got a Veloster, and am also interested in any answers to HZSF's question.
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Might want to see what you can do with Tasker. Tasker is an app with tons of abilities, but you need to learn how to program it. It's pretty simple to learn. Just copy what others have done with the app, and when you get the hang of it, you can create your own tasks.
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I forgot to put in an example... I have a task set for when I'm connected via bluetooth in my car & am connected to a power source, I have it so the screen doesn't turn off.

If I wanted to, I could program a task so that when I was connected to my car's bluetooth, a pop up would come on the screen with specific apps (such as play, tune in, pocketcasts, navigation, etc.), and I would just click on the one that I wanted to use.
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I recently got an OBD2 bluetooth reader off of eBay. Combined with the Torque app, it can do some incredibly geeky things with the car data. Not too expensive, ~$20, very data-wankery.
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Response by poster: Todd: That sounds a lot like what Google's own "Car Home" app does - it brings up a window of big, driver-friendly shortcut buttons linked to programs you can choose, and can be configured to start itself when you connect to a certain Bluetooth device. I'll definitely look into learning Tasker, though; I've actually got it on the phone already, but I've found the programming language impenetrable.

Bonehead: Okay, that's really cool.
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