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Leaving for Destin, Florida tomorrow morning, staying in Niceville. I'll be traveling with my musician boyfriend. We will want to catch a live show Friday and Saturday nights. Are there any great bands playing in the area? Cover bands do not qualify.

He is currently fronting a punk rock band but plays everything, right down to country, so genre isn't an issue with him. I'm more of singer/songwriter kind of girl, but I love a band that I can dance to. My favorite local bands (here in La.) are Winbourne and The Chris Leblanc Band.

We will be staying at the Hampton Inn in Niceville and will have a car. Suggestions for quirky things to do are also welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm afraid you might be out of luck. That area usually just has cover bands or really old bands out making the circuit.
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About an hour away from Niceville/Destin is Pensacola, and you're bound to find a live show or two there tonight. Try calling Sluggo's, End of the Line, the handlebar, or The Factory to see if they've go anything on this weekend.

Good luck!
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