What can't egg beaters do?
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What can eggs do that egg substitutes (like Egg Beaters) can't? we buy Egg Beaters constantly, but now we have one dozen eggs, no clue what to do with them, and several constraints on how best to use them.

the eggs have been in the fridge for about three days.

since we always have Egg Beaters on hand, omelettes would be sort of a waste. i'd really prefer to use them for the sort of things that you can't/shouldn't use Egg Beaters for.

scale-wise, recipes that allow for substantial leftovers are ideal, but anything that serves between 2 and 5 eaters may be workable.

we like cookies and cakes and that sort of thing. i am a moderately experienced (and slightly ambitious) baker but not much of a cook otherwise. Less work-intensive is better. On the sophistication spectrum... well, we certainly aren't "foodies," but we do avoid fast food joints.

we lack certain kitchen implements (such as an egg separator), but we do have a Kitchenaid...that has never once been used. i couldn't say which attachments we have.

None of my enemies are near enough to justify using the eggs as ammunition.

please refrain from suggesting anything involving beef, chicken, or pork. otherwise, be creative!
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I make hard boiled eggs and eat them as snacks. Also, egg salad sandwiches.
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Deviled eggs. This is a basic recipe, but there are a million other versions.
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Souffle. You need to whip the egg whites separately from the egg yolks, which are mixed with a bechamel sauce. Here's Alton Brown's recipe.

This sponge cake is really incredible and also relies on egg whites whipped separately.
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Seconding deviled eggs. And fried eggs are good on the middle of a pizza or in a sandwich, if that's your kind of thing.
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Make fresh mayonnaise .
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Meringue cookies, using the kitchen aid. Also, you don't need an egg separator, as eggs come prepackaged with their own separator - just use the shell to catch the yolk, and let the whites slip by.
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I use egg whites to make coconut macaroons. Use shredded unsweetened coconut. Let me know if you want my recipe.
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Pad thai with prawns.
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It's a good time of year for hard-boiling and dyeing the eggs, always a fun activity for kids and sometimes for adults. Dyed or not, here is one of my favorite recipes for using hard-boiled eggs:

Creole Rice Salad
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Eggs in purgatory. A soft runny yolk is great over lots of things.
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Whites for angel food cake. Yolks for creme anglais and some lemon curd.
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Toad In A Hole.
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Frittata. I can't imagine making a frittata with egg beaters.

The link leads to a spinach frittata recipe but you can throw just about any kind of vegetable, cheese, or herb in there. Frittata is a great way of getting rid of leftovers.
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omelettes would be sort of a waste

No they wouldn't. Please just try one. Maybe a blind comparison with the Egg Beaters? Taste tests are always fun!
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It IS Easter this weekend.
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I was just coming back to say, omelettes would only be a waste if you are absolutely set on continuing to bring EggBeaters into your home.

An omelette with real fresh eggs is a thing of joy. And I say this as someone with a strong texture aversion to scrambled eggs.
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potato/chicken/egg/etc. salad
angel food cake is pretty easy with the kitchenaid, and needs lots of eggs
breakfast burritos
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You don't have an egg separator, but it's not actually difficult to do it without the special tool. Are you squeamish about touching raw egg? If so, check out some instructions on how to pour the yolk from one half of the shell to the other. Personally, I find it much easier to just crack the eggs into a bowl, then reach in and grab the yolks out with my (washed) fingers, but I realize some people may find the feel of egg white kind of yucky. But it definitely doesn't matter if you own a special separating gadget or not.

My favorite things involving separated eggs:
souffle (cheese or garlic)
ginger cake
fluffy omelettes
lemon or chocolate meringue pie
meringue cookies with the whites, and mayonnaise, lemon curd, or egg tarts with the yolks.
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Egg Beaters absolutely can't produce hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or fried eggs, so those would get my vote.
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Or yeah, totally deviled eggs, yum.
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If you're really feeling ambitious, what about a Pavlova with lemon curd? People have mentioned both meringue and lemon curd, but this recipe combines them! Delicious.
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Alton Brown's excellent pancake recipe requires adding the eggs in separated form, which you can't do with egg beaters.

I'm with aimedwander on the use-your-hand egg separation method. Just make sure you do them one at a time; you cannot beat egg whites into peaks if there is even the slightest bit of yolk. There's nothing more depressing than having to throw away 4 eggs because you goofed while pulling out the last yolk.
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Tortilla espanola, perhaps served with aioli?

A lemon meringue pie? Unlike many meringue desserts, you aren't left over with unused yolks, since you use the yolks to make the lemony filling, and the whites to make the meringue topping.

Pancakes or waffles? Use your usual recipe, but separate the eggs, add the yolks to the batter first, whip up the whites into a foam, and fold them in after everything else is mixed together. You'll end up with amazingly light, fluffy pancakes or waffles.

I've been cooking for decades and never used an egg separator. I just crack the egg and pour the yolk back between the cracked halves over a bowl, letting the whites pour into the bowl. If you get a bit of shell in the bowl, use one of the eggshell halves to scoop it out -- for some reason, it's easier to pick up bits of eggshell with an eggshell than with a spoon.
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Nthing deviled eggs.

I made these curried deviled eggs this week and they are a wonderfully indulgent treat.
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Hard boil the eggs and then color the shells for Easter.
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Eggs Benoit!

or just sunny-side-up eggs. dip your toast in them.mmmm
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Pickled eggs make a great snack, and there are several varieties to make. Sliced hard boiled eggs go great in salads (potato salad!) too.

To separate eggs, I just use my hands. Separate your fingers slightly so the white runs through, gently cradling the yolk in your hand. Have tried using the shells but usually wind up with bits of shell mixed in.
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Some might argue that Egg Beaters can't be used to make an omelette either. So I suggest making an omelette with the real eggs and experience the difference. And there really is a difference in flavor (and color) between eggs from the factory farm and eggs from the chickens roaming the back yard eating grubs and ticks and whatever else they get into. So if you have the latter I would say start pure: scrambled, sunny side up, omelette, etc....taste the difference. If you make a cake...meh.....nothing there for the real eggs to shine.
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cheesecake is a great platform for excellent eggs.
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As somebody who feels foolish for having waited so long before getting backyard chooks and finding out how fresh eggs taste, the idea of being satisfied with packaged processed dried product just makes me want to weep.

Make a real omelette.
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When was the last time you ate a soft-boiled egg? They are truly a joy. The yolk is a joy.

You can't get that with egg beaters. Just boil one for breakfast, lunch or dinner and remind yourself of the flavor.
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