No Retreat! No Surrender!
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What is this mid-80's martial arts movie with two kids and terrible editing? It's not "No Retreat, No Surrender".

Two teens. They may have idolized Jean-Claude VanDamme. Before going into action, one would look at the other and yell, "No retreat!" and the other would respond, "no surrender!" The action scenes were rife with awful cuts.

Back in 10th grade, this was mine and my then best friend's favorite movie. We would do the whole "no retreat, no surrender" thing right before jumping into extreme dork action. It was yelled a lot during our D&D sessions.

I've been trying to remember the name of this movie for years. Help!
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Response by poster: Aw crap. I'm a total idiot. Apparently it IS No Retreat, No Surrender. I just watched a clip.
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Maybe you replaced Bruce Lee with JCVD in your head because JCVD was *your* idol?
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Yeah, I googled it, and got interrupted in the midst of watching the opening scene 'cause I got a call, otherwise I would have posted that. Giggle. Looks hilariously '80s.
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Directed by Corey Yuen ("The Transporter").
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