Auto-aggregating homepage?
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I have a Wordpress blog as my "homepage". I barely use it, because it has been almost entirely supplanted by Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. However I still have a need for a homepage, if only to have somewhere to quickly point people to the aforementioned external services, and maybe a place to stick a link to my Amazon wish list, for example. Is there a service which will auto-agregate content from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc. and create a nice friendly page to show technophobic family members?

Requirements: I don't want to host it myself, and I don't want to write any code.

I am willing to pay a small amount.
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Best answer: does pretty much exactly this. I'm not madly in love with the editing interface, but the basic service is free.
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Best answer: is the same idea as, slightly different presentation
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Best answer: Lifehacker has done reviews of Personal Landing Pages providers which apparently is the term of art for this niche of web sites.
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There are Wordpress plug-ins that will grab your content from other sources. I don't know that they are available on though - have you checked?
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You can do this yourself with a few Wordpress plugins if you're self hosting your site.

This one will pull your Twitter feed in;

This will pull in your Tumblr (or any other RSS/Atom feed)

There are lots that do the same for Facebook.
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The default home page of Chrome and I'm sure some/most other browsers will show a list of pages that you visit frequently. You might try this setting and seeing if it works for you.
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Response by poster: Flavors looks pretty great. Thanks all.
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