Script to provide Intellitext-style functionality
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Are there any free or extremely cheap packages that do something like what Intellitext does? Please do not kill me, I'm not really evil.

I want to put the same technology to better use. Someone is probably already doing this, I figure.

Anyway, what I'd like to have is some script that looks at a web page when it is loaded, and compares the words on that page to a list of known keywords. If a keyword shows up, the script makes the word into a link to some other page, and also adds text to the TITLE attribute. What I'm talking about can be seen here.

What I'll be using it for is to make a site glossary that operates inside a web page, finding glossary terms automatically and defining them using NiceTitles (like Metafilter has) to pop the definition up on mouseover. All things considered, I'd rather use an existing script than make my own.
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This script, for Opera, automatically highlights multiple keywords on a page. It's not what you're looking for, but it might provide some pointers.
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