BMI first or local business first?
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I want to join BMI as a MUSIC PUBLISHING COMPANY, which is based in my county and state (as businesses should be) and is a partnership owned by myself and my wife. What is the right order in which to register my companies: BMI first, then state, or state first then BMI?

I assure you, the name of the company is a unique original and is not taken. soundguy99, I know you can help me out here. Please do.
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Best answer: State first, you'll need your tax ID number before you can register with BMI. Details and paperwork are in this PDF.
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Response by poster: That's it!
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shipbreaker, MeMail headed your way.

Just for anyone who might find this question in the future, I recommend the book This Business of Music for lots of clear and well-written info on many aspects of the music industry, including copyright, publishing, and royalties.
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