Chinese bootleg sensationalist dvd/vcd about 9/11
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Does anyone know where to download any of these Chinese sensationalist pseudo-documentaries made of 9/11 that mix real news footage with clips from blockbuster films? They freely mix fact and fiction, using news footage and illegal clips from Hollywood films. There were three made, with the titles: 1) "The Century's Greatest Catastrophe" (I've also seen it called The Century's Great Catastrophe") and 2) "Surprise Attack on America" and 3) "America's Disaster: The Pearl Harbor of the Twenty-First Century"--all made in 2001. There is a report on them in an article that was in the New Yorker. Also mention of them made here. Since they are illegal mash-ups of existing source material, I don't mind if I have to download them from 'questionable' sites. But I'd really like to consult these films for a study I am writing, and would appreciate any pointers as to where to find them.
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Do you know of any 9/11 forums where you could post this question? I've heard of 9/11 conspiracy forums... this isn't exactly a conspiracy question and I have no experience with such forums, but maybe posting to a 9/11 specific forum would help.

Peter Hessler is still writing to the New Yorker. If you are still stuck, you could try to contact him via the New Yorker.

Any idea what the Chinese names for these films might be?
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