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I need a new job title... and I get to make it up. Help me come up with something both awesome and professional.

I'm leaving a full time position that I enjoy to take a job with a new company for drastically increased pay, yeah! My old company also wants to keep me on retainer as I had a very public position and don't want to lose face or those connections. Double yeah!

My old title was National Director of Field Operations.

I need a new title for this role as a consultant. Senior Consultant comes to mind but seems a tad dull and forgettable. I need to put in a request as part of the contract negotiations but I am drawing a complete blank.

I'd like something memorable with pop but also professional, I work in Business Intelligence and Healthcare, so it's a suit and tie gig. It is very client facing so it needs to be something that clients (hospitals) can see and not be put off by.
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Senior Advisor, Health Strategy
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Senior / Chief Health Strategist

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Oo, I like "Strategist" a lot. Even stronger than "Advisor." If they'll go for it, I think that's a win.
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Does your new title need to acknowledge that you are no longer a full time employee and may have other employment or business interests?

Advisor or Consultant imply that. Strategist does not.

Maybe something like Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors (or CEO or President or whatever).
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Job titles should be 5 words or less. Anything longer sounds fishy.
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Strategic Advisor for Field Operations.
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French Fry
Principle, Healthcare Intelligence.
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To me, "Strategist" sounds a little too Chunky Glasses Startup Tech PM and not enough Public-Facing Expert With Gravitas. I like "Advisor" a lot--it reads like the non-law equivalent of "Of Counsel", which seems applicable.
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"Strategist" is more businessy/creative, "Advisor" more bureaucratic/authoritative. Depends on the image OP wants to portray.
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I'm voting for Senior Health Advisor

Senior eliciting both your experience and your knowledge; in this case, it may be a good thing to forth the idea that you have some years on you (whether you do or not). Health, duh. And Advisor sounds less boring and stuffy than "Consultant". It also makes me, at least, think of someone at the right hand of "the big guy".
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I work in the healthcare field and where I am Advisor/Consultant + Senior is two rungs down from a Director and probably more from a National Director. Off the top of my head, how about Special Advisor?
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