Narrow sound?
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Recently I read an article about narrow-band sound and the attempt to develop it. For example, a siren from an ambulance on the street would clear the streets, but wouldn't wake people in their homes because they wouldn't hear it. I can't find the article and Google's no help. I'm tempted to say I read it on one of Marshall Brain's sites, but searching there was fruitless as well. Can someone find it?
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Don't know if THIS is what you're talking about or not...
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I came up with this press release- rather dry reading but perhaps the same technology that your article was referencing.

And here's another article with a basic explanation of directional sound technology.
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Response by poster: That's the right principle but not the article... thanks though...
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Best answer: Does this help?
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Well, I remember reading a NY times magazine article about the inventor of that technology about two years ago. They used that example of the ambulance. I find the times search engine is so poor I'd rather not go hunting for it.
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Response by poster: The Boing Boing link was it, thanks!! (It links to the Popular Science article too, but I found it from Boing Boing.)
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