Stain-free hotels in Syracuse
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Looking for a clean, inexpensive (<125/night) place to stay this weekend in Syracuse, NY.

My girlfriend and I are heading upstate this weekend to visit family and we can't find a hotel that isn't too much money or kinda gross. Have you stayed anywhere in Syracuse that you recommend? We really don't want to spend a lot of money (i.e. more than 115 or so a night), but if you have a recommendation that's more expensive, we'll take it.

(Disclaimer: we tend to get skeeved out in hotels due to New York-induced bed bug fear. And unidentified stains are disturbing.)

Also, we are not b-and-b people.

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Best answer: Courtyard Syracuse Carrier Circle seems to be $109. Less if you're AAA. Courtyards are several steps up from merely "clean". Pools, usually real nice. Nice quality sheets and towels. Cushy.
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Seconding the Courtyard @ Carrier Circle. I stayed there about 2 years ago, everything was fine. There was a basketball team (or 2) staying there, maybe ask the desk ahead of time if they are and ask to have a room on the opposite side, noise was the only issue I had, and it wasn't that bad.
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If you're not adverse to traveling north a couple of miles, I can vouch for the Beacon Hotel in Oswego. I think it was just a bit over $100, but it had gorgeous hardwood floors and ridiculously comfortable beds.
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Airbnb room for $75 a night, with tons of 5 star reviews! Cozy studio for $40 with two good reviews!

In my experience, Airbnb is not like other B&Bs. It's not usually frou-frou and flowery and full of chatty people who want to show you their flowers. The studio would be entirely yours during your stay. There are tons more in the area, depending on how far out you're willing (or wanting) to go.
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Friend says the Crown Plaza has new(ish) renovated rooms. It's $120 a night this weekend.
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I stayed at the Homewood Suites in nearby Liverpool the winter before last.
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I stayed at the Crown Plaza barnone referenced many times when it was a Renaissance (and something else before that). It was very nice under those two names, but haven't stayed since it changed brands. The rooms are pretty large (shaped like a pie slice), nice bathrooms, comfy beds, and the hotel was very clean.
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I was in Syracuse for a wedding, and we got a Priceline deal at the Crowne Plaza for $75/night. Nothing special, but nothing negative to say about it.
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Response by poster: According to TripAdvisor, the Crowne Plaza looks a bit on the dingy side. Courtyard Marriott looks good and $109/night.

And AirBnB is offering a sofa and a sleeping bag for $75/night? That's a little nuts.
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Understand that the legit reviews on TripAdvisor (i.e. not insiders shilling, and not incensed consumers "lashing back") skew toward the hypersensitive side. When someone there calls a place like Crown Plaza "dingy", that often just means it's not spot-on luxe. Don't assume reviewers there share your values.

Though the Courtyard is definitely your best bet in Syracuse at that price.
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Response by poster: The pictures of the stains do speak for themselves, though. And I just don't think it's unreasonable to have a hotel room without stains on the couch, drapes, etc.
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Stuff happens. Shrug. If the place were truly a fleabag, massive numbers of people would say so. Because expectations of customers of brands like Crown Plaza are quite high.

Really, anything remotely at this level will be a damn good bet re: satisfying your need for a clean, bedbug-free environment. Which is not to say any one room might, thru sheer terrible luck of draw, be filthy and bug infested......even at The Plaza, The Intercontinental, etc. See my first sentence :)
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No, the couch is cheaper. The private room is $75. And the house is massive. There's no way the Crown is offensively gross without very many complaints. You can always ask to see another room if you don't like their first offer. But you seem to be suspicious of all of these suggestions, so we probably have vastly different expectations for cheap travel. Best of luck with whatever you choose!
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And yeah, Courtyards are almost always totally fine. Bland but clean, newish and often near universities and tech corridors. Slightly upmarket business and personal travel without being four-star glitzy. They end up being nicer than many urban run-down Marriots.
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FWIW I find Courtyards at the opposite extreme of the blandness spectrum from, say, Days Inn, Holiday Inn, Doubletree, etc. Quirky and personal it ain't, but they cater to people who don't want super corporate vibe. Agreed a new Courtyard beats a run-down Marriott (at a fraction of the price).
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Response by poster: Going with the Courtyard - $109/night! Indoor pool, too. Thanks for the input!
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