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A few days ago the New York Times discontinued the New York Times Front Page podcast. Help me find a replacement. I'm looking for a short (5-10 minutes) podcast that gives a quick overview of the news of the day.

I want something with the following criteria:
a) Short. 15 minute long and up podcast won't do.
b) Dry is better. I'm looking for the raw info I can follow up with later if I want to. I've got funny, entertaining podcasts aplenty. I want an early morning news bomb to help me not miss a big story.
c) Daily, or at least every weekday.

Got anything?
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Democracy Now! The whole podcast is typically an hour-ish, but the headlines portion is at the beginning and lasts 10-12 minutes. Just listen to that.
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Best answer: NPR does an Hourly News Summary podcast that's about 5 minutes long. I used to have an AppleScript insert it into my playlist every hour.

They also have a 7AM news summary if you want just one per day.
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Seconding the NPR hourly news summary. It means whenever I check it, it's constantly updated, rather than having to wait until the next day.

I'm a Brit, but it's ideal for getting a 5-min, Americocentric, national and international news headlines.
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Thirding NPR. They also have a nifty Android app that makes this a snap to catch up on with my phone.
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