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Please reveal your best-guarded design resource secrets and point me towards some low-cost (yet high-quality!) mock-up photos of hands and tablets

In my job I am constantly asked to create mock-ups with our designs on a realistic tablet (usually iPad), but finding good-looking photos/renders is more difficult than I would have expected. It appears that many other design companies just liberate them from a Google Images search. Maybe I am not using the right search terms. Surely there are lots of these resources out there but my searches (combinations of "ipad", "tablet", "mockup", "render", "comp", "design", "hands", "stock", "resources", etc) are returning lots of filler. Keep in mind that cost is an issue (I am typically encouraged to use our existing account at a horrible quality microstock site that makes istockphoto look glamorous).

Ideally, there would be multiple angles and layouts all within the same style, kind of like this, but that is the only one on that site. More realistic ones like this would be perfect, but TinEye is returning no results on that and what I really want is a package of similar images, not just one. Bonus points if the background is already stripped out (photoshop file or png) and the lighting isn't horrible. Best if that tablet is being interacted with, not balanced perfectly on a white reflective surface. Tablets can be any brand or generic. Apologies in advance for being a special snowflake.
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There are PSDs for this! One, two, etc.
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Might not be what you're after.... but here's 3.

(they're mine and they're free).
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