Making great clips for Youtube: best app and workflow?
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I have these tv series episodes that I want to use to create video clips to upload to Youtube. How should I structure this workflow? Which application should I use to organize the original videos?

I'm learning basic video editing on my own and thought it would be fun to use a popular tv series and create various clips (funniest moments, sad incidents, etc) that I upload to Youtube.

Since each episode can be used for multiple clips, I need a way to go through all the episodes and add appropriate metadata so that I know what each episode is about. Ideally, I want to add notes and/or tags for a certain duration of the episode, e.g.:
[episode1.mpg] 0:0:34-0:0:-39 ; crazy laughter, comedy

Is there an application that allows me to do this? I'm thinking a Picasa like application that does indexing and metadata fairly well.

Secondly, how should I structure all this work if the end result should appear on YouTube? Here's how I envision the workflow:
1. Figure out idea for good clip.

2. Look through videos to find relevant scenes.

3. Create and edit the clip in adobe premiere. The original content (scenes) will make up most of the content but I'll add title cards and basic design elements.

4. Upload final product to Youtube.

Does this workflow make sense?
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The current version of Premiere Elements can do the sort of tagging you describe, if you have the latest version of the full program that should do it too.
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