Awwww yeah, baby. I'm feeling that. Play that one more time.
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Looking for a particular song, or barring that at particular song type. Sort of vague.

I have a bunch of music, and as such it can be hard to find a particular song when I'm really craving it.

The song I'm looking for is super groovy, maybe a medium tempo. It sounds sort of like something Groove Armada might do. The most important part that I can remember is a deep mans voice in the background saying things like, " Yeah. Yeah that's good. I'm feeling that. Play that one more time, because I feel where you're going with that"

It's as though he's preparing to record a vocal track, but never gets to it. I know that's vague, but I trust in your power.
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Yeah, a guy with a deep voice talking over a track is kind of trope in deep house music.

See Doin Ya Thing as an example.

Don't know the specific song, though.
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Response by poster: This is a whole new world to me, and I love it. Thank's much. It is very much like that song, but much more instrumentation.
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Response by poster: A lot like this song.
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This probably isn't the song you're looking for, but check out Arthur Russell's "Pop Your Funk."
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Best answer: St. Germain is full of deep voices talking over relaxed groovy tracks
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Response by poster: Even if I never find that song again, I'll be happy. St. Germain is EXACTLY the type of thing I love. You, sir, are amazing
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Hey thanks! If you liked that, have a look at the Hotel Costes and Naked Music compilation series for more sexy housey ambience ;-)
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Oh this is what this reminded me of yesterday! Something on the blue reminded me today! Reggie Watts is very far out when he performs/lectures; I could easily see something like your description knocking around in his stuff somewhere.
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I came here to say Deep House.

Also, check out Ben Watt (from Everything But The Girl)'s mix cds, released under his label Lazy Dog.

Also try The Rurals.

But yeah, Deep House. Actually, a search for 'deep house' on itunes will probably lead you to some representative podcasts with regular mixes.
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Response by poster: OH YEAH I FOUND IT. It took me a while but it turns out that the name of the song is Wash's Day Off. Thanks for the new genre of music though, everyone!
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