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I'm looking for an Android app to give me notifications for the start of various sports events.

Preferably, an app that would give start time notifications for selected teams for:


and notifications for NASCAR events. I've found some good apps to do one sport or another, but not one that will do it all without multiple apps.
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*It would also be nice if it could list what network is broadcasting the event.
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I can't say for certainty that it has the exact functionality on Android, but the ESPN Score Center app allows you to set up notifications for specific teams for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS. I had no idea about Nascar, however.
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Annnnnnnd the link
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I have the Scorecenter app for Android, and I can attest that it has all these (just checked on the whole list) except NASCAR. You can set notifications on certain teams, and it will give you something in your notification bar up top when the game come on (complete with the dun-nuh-nuh ESPN sound).
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Any thing like this for boxing?
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Score Mobile will do this.
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Have you considered subscribing to calendars for the events? Yahoo has ical files that you can subscribe to for the major sports teams. I'm not sure about NASCAR, though. Subscribe to them in Google Calendar, and set the calendar to give you a reminder. It should work with your phone more or less automatically.
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ESPN and Score Mobile both do everything but NASCAR really well. For NASCAR I went here, seems like it should work.
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