Help me name my group!
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HelpMeNameMyThingFilter: I need a name for a women's group I'm co-leading where we learn to knit, crochet, bake, can, garden, and quilt together. More details inside.

The idea is that our group rotates skills by season - six weeks of knitting and crocheting in late spring, six weeks of canning and preserving over summer, quilting in winter, etc.

There are three of us leading the group - I'm in my late 20's with no kids, one leader is in her 40's with an 8-year old, and the last leader is in her 60's with grown children. The idea is that we're multi-generational and we lead the areas in which we have strengths so we can all learn from each other.

It is run through my church so please no "stitch and bitch" variations or other risqué words that the older set would feel uncomfortable with.

Thanks in advance hive mind!
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The first thing that came to mind was "Oh, like Home Ec!" Maybe some play on that? Home Ec-celence?

This sounds like a great group!
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Domestic Goddesses?
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Since there is a season theme, how about Women's Seasons?
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Domestic Artists, maybe if "goddesses" isn't something your church is comfortable with. Or Art of the Home. Or Everyday Arts.
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Crafty Ladies or Crafty Females
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How about something like "A Time To Craft" or "A Time To Make"? (To everything there is a season.)
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Each One Teach One
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Are you familiar with the book "Radical Homemakers"?

Seasoned Learners

Everyday Radical Traditions

Common Arts for DIY Hearts

Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (what a theme song!)

The Year-round Skill Set

The Cast Iron Skillettes
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- The Knitwits
- The Shelf Preservation Society
- Raising Skills
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The Crafty Collective.
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I had a tee shirt years ago that said "Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society", but that might attract the feds today.
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There's a longstanding tradition of naming church sewing clubs "Dorcas Societies" after Dorcas of the Bible (Acts, chapter 9), who made clothing to give to the poor. It sounds like your club is more social and for the purpose of learning to sew than charitable though, so what you might do is call your group the Tabitha Club, as Tabitha is the Aramaic version of the Greek name Dorcas, and it won't confuse anyone who knows about the Dorcas Society tradition.
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Busy Hands Social Club
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In Canada, Adelaide Hoodless created the Women's Institutes, which I believe are in most of the Commonwealth. They offer the same type of education you are disseminating. You may come up with a name riffing on that.
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This is similar, but different to, the Women's Institutes. But it was a WI who originally posed for a nude calender which inspired the film Calender Girls. And since your group has seasons, I think Calender Girls would be a great name.
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I know of or have been a member of groups like this in the past. My favorite two names are the "Ladies' Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society," as mentioned above, and "the Society for the Preservation of the Technological and Domestic Arts."
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Makers 3:65

Ladies Who Learn

Society for the Preservation of Old-Timey Skills (SPOTS)
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Seasons Four Activities
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Cross Knit (like Cross Fit fitness)
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The Handywomen
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Homefront Security.
Society of Domestic Arts (SODA) - taken from Sidhedevil’s suggestion.
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The Company of Strangers (or alternately, Strangers in Good Company) is an awesome, little gem of a movie about a group of women whose bus breaks down in the woods.
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The Society of Home Economists. What you're doing is Home Ec; the "SHE" acronym is just a bonus.
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Years ago I was involved in a church crafting group called "With These Hands"
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Over here, 'older' Stitch n Bitch groups are called 'Knit and Natter'.
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