Where is the nearest florist to Reading train station?
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Are there any good florists in Reading (near the railway station)?

I appreciate this sort of thing is available on the web, but I find that Google Maps results cannot really be trusted (after being sent to Costa's regional distribution warehouse in South London after searching for somewhere to get a coffee). Also, searching for businesses on Google tends to get you results for whoever paid the most money - and most of them tend to be directories with no real information in them.

What I'm looking for is for someone to say "Yep, this place exists, I pass it on the way to work and it's five minutes' walk from the railways station.

See, I'm meeting my girlfriend on Sunday who is a skiing holiday with all of her female friends at the moment. I'd like to surprise her with a nice bouquet of flowers when she gets off the train, but I'm not familiar with Reading, so I don't want to leave this to chance.
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Green Parlour Florist got 22 reviews with a 5-star average rating on google.

12 High St
Pangbourne, Reading, Reading, West Berkshire
0118 984 4000
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You can buy nice flowers in the Marks and Spencers inside the train station. There are often florists outside on Saturday, or if you walk into town there is a florist on Broad Street by Cath Kidson.
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mild deer, the Green Parlour is over five miles from the station...
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The Broad Street one is here about 7 minutes walk from the station, and although expensive (I think so, anyway) does have some nice flowers sometimes.
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